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Detailed introduction of stainless steel tubes
- Nov 09, 2018 -


Stainless steel tubes are generally commonly used in three hardness indicators of Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers to measure their hardness.

Brinell hardness: 

In the stainless steel pipe standard, Brinell hardness is the most widely used, often with indentation diameter to indicate the hardness of the material, both intuitive and convenient.

However, steel tubes for harder or thinner steels are not suitable.

Rockwell Hardness: 

Stainless steel Guallo hardness test, like Brinell hardness test, is a indentation test method. The difference is that it is the depth at which the indentation is measured. Rockwell Hardness test is a widely used method at present, in which HRC is second only to Brinell hardness HB in steel pipe standard. Rockwell hardness can be applied to the determination of metal materials from extremely soft to extremely hard, it makes up for the Brinell method is not, more simple than the Brinell method, can be directly from the Hardness machine dial to read the hardness value.

However, due to its small indentation, the hardness value is not as accurate as the Brinell method.

Vickers Hardness: 

Stainless steel Tauvi Hardness test is also a indentation test method, which can be used to determine the hardness of very thin metal materials and surface layers.

It has the main advantages of the Brinell and Rockwell methods, and overcomes their basic shortcomings, but it is not as simple as the Rockwell method, and the Vickers method is seldom used in the steel pipe standard.

Hardness testing: 

Stainless steel pipe inner diameter of more than 6.0mm, wall thickness below 13mm annealing stainless steel pipe, can be used w-b75 type Webster hardness meter, it is very fast, easy to test, suitable for stainless steel pipe to do fast non-destructive qualified inspection. Stainless steel tube diameter greater than 30mm, wall thickness greater than 1.2mm stainless steel pipe, the use of Luo hardness meter, test HRB, HRC hardness. Stainless steel tube diameter greater than 30mm, wall thickness less than 1.2mm stainless steel pipe, the use of surface Luo hardness meter, test HRT or hrn hardness. The inner diameter is less than 0mm, more than 4.8mm stainless steel pipe, the use of pipe specific Luo hardness meter, test hr15t hardness.

When the diameter of the stainless steel tube is greater than 26mm, the hardness of the inner wall of the pipe can also be tested with the Rockwell or surface Roche hardness meter.