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Wenzhou Stainless steel industry
- Nov 09, 2018 -

Wenzhou stainless steel industry is a new industry, originated in the early 1980s, after more than 20 years of pioneering and exploration, in the domestic market has been quite well-known and a certain influence. At present, more than 130 production enterprises, with a good development, expand the momentum. 38 sets of perforated equipment throughout the industry. Cold rolling, cold drawing equipment more than 500 units, smelting equipment 6, all used outside the furnace refining, other equipment is relatively complete. The production capacity and scale of enterprises are constantly expanding and strengthening. 2001, the output value of more than billion yuan enterprises have 5, more than 10 enterprises were named City, District Star Enterprises. In order to ensure product quality, water pressure, Eddy current and ultrasonic flaw detection, direct reading spectrometer and other analytical testing equipment are constantly increasing and improving. 2001 by the Superior Technical Supervision Department sampling test, the pass rate of more than 80%. With all kinds of high and intermediate titles of technology, management personnel more than 300 people, is the enterprise gradually embarked on standardized production, management track. Wenzhou stainless steel industry is mainly the production of stainless steel pipe and stainless steel rod, varieties, specifications, models have reached more than 400 kinds. 2001 Stainless steel sales reached 1.715 billion yuan, production of 106,000 tons. Stainless steel rod 222 million yuan, output 2, 110,000 tons, handed in the national tax up to more than 100 million yuan. The export volume of steel pipe also increased year by year, 2001 is 5000T, the export volume is expected to be 8000~10000t this year, has 10 dozen enterprises to obtain self-import and export rights.

Stainless steel pipe is exported to Southeast Asia, the European Union dozens of countries and regions, by foreign merchants and users appreciate. Stainless steel pipe industry in Wenzhou turned out to be blank, rapid development, expanding scale, but the production capacity still has a certain gap, still can not meet the needs of the domestic market.

Wenzhou stainless steel industry in the future development ideas and specific practices are:

⒈ to improve product production as the center, strengthen the internal management of enterprises, improve the scale of enterprises, grade as the goal, further improve the visibility of Wenzhou stainless steel pipe and enterprises, encourage enterprises to the development of collectivization, strengthen the introduction and training of technical personnel, management personnel, strengthen the construction of production equipment, ensure and improve product quality.

⒉ to the road of brand development, the number of Wenzhou stainless steel industry and entrepreneur's credit, shaping the Chinese brand awareness.

⒊ established Wenzhou stainless steel pipe Production park, agglomeration of stainless steel production enterprises, so that the scale above, grade, create a leader, create a brand, the formation of group production, through mergers, attachment, equity participation, joint and other means to achieve the "key development" of the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Trade Department planning objectives. ⒋ to run Wenzhou Stainless steel professional market. Stainless steel industry is developing rapidly, but because there is no certain scale of professional market, can not attract all over customers, so production enterprises can only be established in all parts of the country to operate, not only increase the cost of enterprises, but also hinder the development of enterprises.

If the establishment of a professional market, set production, sales and service in one, will enable the production enterprises to truly establish a foothold in the back scold, to the whole country, out of the country.