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Classification Of Finned Tubes
- Nov 09, 2018 -

There are many kinds of finned tubes, and new varieties are constantly emerging.

Generally, it can be classified according to the following aspects:

1, according to the processing process classification.

1), rolled into the type of finned tube (extruded fin tube);

2), welded molded finned tube (high-frequency welded finned tube, submerged arc welded finned tube);

3), rolling molded finned tube;

4), set molded finned tube;

5), casting finned tube;

6), tension winding finned tube;

7), panelled tube.

Sort by fin shape.

1), square fin tube (square finned tube);

2), circular finned tube;

3), spiral fin tube (spiral finned tube);

4), longitudinal finned tube (longitudinal finned Tube)

5), corrugated finned tube;

6), spiral serrated finned tube (helical serrated finned Tubes);

7), needle-shaped finned tube;

8), the whole plate-shaped fin tube (plate wing); 9), Inner fin tube (inner finned tube).

Wait a minute.

3, according to the finned tube of the fin material is the same as the base tube material can be divided into:

1), single metal finned tube

2), bimetallic composite finned tube

Single metal finned tube by material classification

1), copper fin tube;

2), aluminum fin tube;

3), carbon steel fin tube;

4), stainless steel finned tube;

5), cast iron (cast steel) finned tube;

Sort by Purpose

1), air conditioning finned tube;

2), air-cooled finned tube;

3), Boiler: water-cooled wall, coal economizer, empty device respectively used finned tube;

4), industrial waste heat recovery with finned tube; 5), other special purpose finned tubes;