Non-ferrous Tube

  • Titanium Race Bike Tube

    Titanium Race Bike Tube

    MATERIAL COMPARISON When trying to pick a material for a bike frame, there are many really important material considerations; weight, stiffness, strength, toughness, impact resistance, ride quality, corrosion. We'll discuss all of these issues in the context of choosing a...Read More
  • Titanium Welded Tube and Pipe

    Titanium Welded Tube and Pipe

    This product uses industrial pure titanium (TA2, TA2) as raw material, through the cold bending forming technology, welding technology, eddy current testing, ultrasonic flaw detection and other production processes to form a pipe with completely independent intellectual...Read More
  • Titanium Seamless Tube Gr.5

    Titanium Seamless Tube Gr.5

    Catalogue of Titanium Seamless Tubing 1. Product name: seamless tube, titanium pipe, 2. Standard: ASTM B337/ASTMB338;ASTM B861 / ASME SB8613. Grade: Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4, Gr7, Gr9, Gr12 Size of titanium tube · Capillary tube: OD: 12.7-115mm, Thickness: 0.5-5mm, Length:...Read More
  • Titanium Plate and Sheet

    Titanium Plate and Sheet

    Name:Titanium alloy Plate Grade:GR5 Standard:ASTM B265 Size:δ4.0*500*1000 Chemical composition: Physical property: Tensile Strength:>895Mpa;Yield Strength:>828MPa;Elongation:>10% Bend Test:105° Name:Titanium Plate Grade:Gr1 Standard:ASTM B265 Size:δ3.0*1000*2000...Read More
  • Titanium Foil

    Titanium Foil

    Packaging & DeliveryRead More
  • Titanium Rod and Bar

    Titanium Rod and Bar

    Basic information Titanium is the fourth most abundant structural metal in the earth's crust and is the ninth industrial metal. Due to its unprecedented strength, lightness, stable market and non-corrosive characteristics, titanium has emerged as the metal of choice for...Read More
  • Titanium Wire

    Titanium Wire

    GR2 Titanium Wire as per ASTM B863,Dia only 0.28mm,Tensile strength:300~400MpaRead More
  • Copper and Brass Tube

    Copper and Brass Tube

    Applications:Sanitary Ware,Architectural Ornament,Autocar oil cooler,Water Pipe OD:1~80mm WT:0.1~8mm Length:Max.12meterRead More
  • Copper Alloy Tube

    Copper Alloy Tube

    Copper Alloy Tube For Automobile Clutch Synchronizer Ring OD:45~90mm ID:40~75mm Wall Thickness:2.5~10mm Length: Max 8 meter Product features:High hardness,abrasion resistant,corrosion resisting,complex chemical compositionRead More
  • Copper Alloy Condenser Tube

    Copper Alloy Condenser Tube

    Tubing Size: Out Diameter 3~260mm Wall thickness 0.15~10mm Lengh: 0.5~25meter Applications: Power Station Condenser,Refinery Plant Cooler,Seawater Desalination Evaporator,Petrochemical,Ship Building&Repair,Offshore Engineering,Shell&Tube Heat Exchanger,Hydrogen...Read More
  • Copper Nickel Alloy Coil Tube

    Copper Nickel Alloy Coil Tube

    Applications:Industrial Heat Exchangers,Condenser Coil,Steam Coil,HVAC,Car Brake Line TubeRead More
  • High-strengthen Color Aluminum Tube

    High-strengthen Color Aluminum Tube

    High-strengthen Color Aluminum Tube (CAT) is composed of 3003 aluminum and high-strengthen aluminum nuts. No corrosion after 500 hour's standard salt spray test. After the trail by many air conditioner factories, it can be regarded as the most safe and reliable substitute...Read More
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