• Middle and Small Bearing Ring

    Middle and Small Bearing Ring

    It mainly for the rings which OD below 80mm, process by the precision tube and high speed forging. It had high precision, low cost, reliability quality, high efficiency after CNC turning. It’s widely used for the motor, household application, office equipment, automotive,...Read More
  • Middle and Large Size Bearing Ring

    Middle and Large Size Bearing Ring

    It’s main for the rings with OD above 80mm, process by the precision forging or tube and cold rolling. It can improve the process precision and material usage after turning due to compact microstructure. It mainly match to the Middle & Large electric motor, engineering...Read More
  • Hub Bearing Ring

    Hub Bearing Ring

    Hub bearing ring is the key component of hub bearing on the automotive. The function is bear the weight of automotive which transit from suspension system and guiding the precision turn of hub uniton the automotive. The service life is more than 250,000km. Our hub ring which...Read More
  • Thin Bearing Ring

    Thin Bearing Ring

    Thin Bearing ring: it have thin profile, for example 6700,6800 series. The difficulty on the production is less rigidity, easy to deformation. This rings mainly used for the precision electrical machine, medical apparatus, instrumentation, robot, optical instrument etc. It...Read More
  • High Frequency Welded Fin Tube

    High Frequency Welded Fin Tube

    We manufacture Welded and Applied Fin Tubes in large-scale with excellent ability to manufacture high-specification tube from 15.88mm to 219mm Diameter for uses in Process/Engine Coolers, Boilers and Furnaces. We consider no job too small or too large – every job is valued...Read More
  • Extruded Finned Tube

    Extruded Finned Tube

    Extruded Finned Tube This fin type is formed from a bi-metallic tube consisting of an aluminium outer tube and an inner tube of almost any material. The fin is formed by rolling material from the outside of the exterior tube to give an integral fin with excellent heat...Read More
  • Integral Low Fin Tube

    Integral Low Fin Tube

    Low fin tube is procesed some fins from bare tube,it has larger surface area and higher conductivity.Fin tube is easy to be bended and processed after annealing.It is largely used in generator of absober refrigerator,condenser of refrigeration system and heat transfer of...Read More
  • U Bend Tube for Heat Exchanger

    U Bend Tube for Heat Exchanger

    U-Bend Tube U-bend tubes are widely used in heat-exchanger systems. Heat-exchanger equipment on the basis of seamless stainless U-tubes is essential in strategically important and critical fields — nuclear and petrochemical machine building. A tube-bending line, that was...Read More
  • Tube Sheet and Baffle

    Tube Sheet and Baffle

    Tube Sheets, Baffles Plate, and Flanges Acree’s CNC machine tools allow us to offer tube sheets, baffles, and flanges. Tube sheets are available in any machineable shape or configuration. Products can be machined to TEMA industry standards or as specified by customer. Tube...Read More
  • SA179 Heat Exchanger Tube

    SA179 Heat Exchanger Tube

    A high temperature and pressure resistance, depending on the application – an increased or reduced heat transmission as well as good processing properties in regard to bending techniques are essential properties of boiler tubes and heat exchanger tubes. Acree takes pride in...Read More
  • Boiler Steel Tube

    Boiler Steel Tube

    Located in China, we are a prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of cold drawn seamless boiler tubes & pipes. Our team of experts fabricates the pipes using the latest technology. These cold drawn seamless boiler tubes & pipes have high tensile strength,...Read More
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

    Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

    COOLER TYPES (API 661) Forced Draft Induced Draft Natural Draft HEADER TYPES Header box/plug Cover plate Billet SIZE Width – 26 feet Length – 70 feet Weight – 20,000 lbs up to 150,000 lbs MATERIALS Carbon steel Low Alloy (1.25 Cr, 2 Cr, 5 Cr, 9 Cr, 13 Cr) Austenitic 300...Read More
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